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Improved MongoDB compatibility for bson4jackson

December, 17th 2011

Version 1.2.0 of bson4jackson has just been released. bson4jackson adds support for BSON, a binary representation of JSON, to the Jackson JSON processor. Thanks to contributions from the community, the latest release of bson4jackson now includes better support for MongoDB.

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Build Scala projects with Eclipse Buckminster

June, 26th 2011

In one of my previous posts I talked about how to build Scala projects with PDE Build. However, PDE Build is rather old and has long been superseded by Buckminster. The great advantage of Buckminster is that it is actually a lightweight Eclipse SDK with all that you need to build an RCP application: a workspace of projects, a target platform, and so on. To build Scala projects in Eclipse you will most likely install the Scala IDE. Unfortunately, this plug-in cannot be installed in Buckminster right away. But there is a workaround…

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Binary JSON with bson4jackson

January, 30th 2011

Recently, JSON has become an excellent alternative to XML. But most JSON parsers written in Java are still rather slow. On my search for faster libraries I found two things: BSON and Jackson.

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Scala projects with Eclipse PDE Build (2)

November, 20th 2010

Some time ago I wrote about how to let Eclipse PDE Build automatically compile Scala projects. Therefore a special Ant script (customBuildCallbacks.xml) had to be created in the project’s root directory. This script looked for the Scala library and compiler and then built the project’s source files.

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Easier use of Git

June, 4th 2010

I’m using Git as the version control system for my projects for some time now. Since the graphical user interfaces are not very mature yet and I like having full control over everything, I’m using Git on the command line (i.e. Bash). In order to avoid entering the same commands all over again, I wrote some Bash aliases and functions which ease the use of Git.

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Multilingual websites with Lift and OSGi

April, 5th 2010

Lift already provides some mechanisms to publish a website in different languages. If Lift is used within an OSGi environment, a little workaround is needed in order to make it find the Resource Bundles containing language-dependent strings (usually provided as property files).

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