bson4jackson 2.2 has just been released!

Version 2.2 of bson4jackson has just been released. bson4jackson adds support for BSON, a binary representation of JSON, to the Jackson JSON processor.

The latest release of bson4jackson now supports Jackson 2.2. Apart from that, Ben McCann and John Stoneham fixed the Maven dependencies and updated some 3rd party libraries, so project builds depending on bson4jackson should now be more stable. Thanks a lot for that, guys!

Projects using bson4jackson

bson4jackson is used in several other Open Source projects including the following one:

Jongo is a rather cool library that allows MongoDB to be queried in Java just like you would query it in the MongoDB shell. Jongo uses bson4jackson to serialize objects before they are sent to the database, and of course to deserialize queried documents.

MongoJack is a POJO mapper that uses Jackson and bson4jackson to serialize and deserialize objects before they are sent to the database. MongoJack is extremely fast and very easy to handle.

I know that there are a lot of other projects out there that use bson4jackson. If you want your project to be added to this list please leave a comment below or send me a message.

More information

For a complete description of bson4jackson (including how to download it) have a look at my tutorial.