Browse phpBB with the iPhone/iPod Touch

The iPhone is very useful for forum administrators who are often on the road and like to answer posts on the train, for example. Unfortunately, the default theme of phpBB is hardly usable on the iPhone (or the iPod Touch). Apart from that, the font size of most discussion boards is so small that you constantly have to zoom.

The free theme phpbb-iphone-style especially developed for the iPhone adds a lot of comfort. It removes unnecessary display elements, increases font size and improves controlling the forum with the touch screen.

The theme can be installed very easily. You simply have to download the project’s source code and copy it onto your web server under the styles directory. If you like, you can also follow the instructions found in the read-me file, so the forum automatically uses the new theme if someone visits the site with a mobile device. Finally, you may disable the theme in the administration panel, so it cannot be activated in normal browsers.

I installed phpbb-iphone-style into the Spamihilator support forum. Here are some screenshots:

During the next few days I will add some enhancements, so the theme will fit the overall style of the Spamihilator website.